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" I love how Maria's classes embrace the importance of a solid technical foundation while supporting the exploration of artistry and expression through movement. her expertise from years of academic study and professional dance shine with her inclusive approach to teaching and choreography. I've grown from her heartfelt instruction and I'm so grateful to have found her-she'sa true gem. K.M.


"Maria Rendina Frantz is the best modern dance teacher that I have been able to find. Santa Barbara has many dance teachers and I have sampled most of them.  What I want to make clear is her knowledge of anatomy and how the joints work (their range of motion) allows her to teach safe yet full movements and phrases. I have been in her class at the Santa Barbara Recreation Department for only six weeks and my body is not only moving far more freely but it is reshaping itself almost magically. I am finally understanding how to move." G. W."


I highly recommend all levels of Maria’s modern dance classes. My body is in great condition and my flexibility, strength, co-ordination and confidence improve with each class. Maria is extremely thorough and supportive." B. L.

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