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BALLET FLOOR BARRE - a great warm-up, stretch, conditioning class for learning the principles and essential floor barre of classical ballet and its application to all standing classical movement. WEDNESDAYS 9 - 9:30. 30 min.







Registration Form:

Please print or scan form to mail, fax, email or bring it to class. Thank You!


Date _________________________                 

Semester  (circle one)

Fall / Winter - Spring / Summer


Student’s Name Age Date of Birth

Parent or Guardian Names
1.) ____________________________________



Address ___________________________


Home Phone ___________________________


Cell Phone _____________________________








Emergency Contact:_____________________________

I ____________________________hereby agree to accept full responsibility for any personal injury, and hold harmless, Maria Rendina Frantz of Motion Theatre Dance Company and her associates and assigns, for any liability claim resulting from participation in dance classes, performances, rehearsals and related activities. By signing this form I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand this agreement.







Make checks payable to MotionTheatre Dance Co., Inc. (a non-profit 501 (C) (3) corporation)

Photo Release Agreement
I agree to release the use of any photographic images taken of my child ____________________________________
(please print child’s name) created for Santa Barbara Movement Arts Dance Program will be used for the sole purpose of advertising for the school website, for magazines, ads, newspapers, brochures, programs, videos and other promotional materials of the Motion Theatre Dance Co. and for that purpose only.​​​​






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